Our Labels & 2019 Vision

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Our vision for 2019!

We all know that electronic cigarettes are becoming a great method to kick the dirty habit for good, but a large part of this community are still struggling from using incorrect devices and buying DIY or home-brew e-liquids that could contain harmful chemicals.  Our vision for 2019 starts by introducing more guides that provide useful content, not just information on obtaining the biggest clouds from your device, but content that helps the end user understand what they need & why. 


Chubby Editions label update.

To accommodate for our latest expansion into Europe, all our labels now support multiple languages (Chinese, Spanish, English, Hindi, Arabic, Dutch, Polish & Russian). Knowing our customers can read our information & guidance is key to our customers having a good experience. If we send you a product that you can not read, please contact us & we will forward all the correct information in your native language. 

Other updates to our NEW labels.

1. New flavor display icons.
2. 0MG symbol added to front of the label.
3. Brighter colorways.

4. Flavor descriptions.
5. Updated Website & 0800 freephone details.
6. Ingredient breakdowns e.g Cereal Killer - Citrus, Fruit Loops, Lemon.

7. Added support for 100ml bottles.
8. Nic shot compatible statement.
9. Updated safety guidelines.
10. Updated social media.
11. Awards.
12. Recycling Instructions.


We are always looking to make improvements for the end customer & welcome all feedback good & bad. As we continue into 2019 we will be looking to grow into stocking more hardware & accessories to assist our products in giving you the best vape experience possible. 


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