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About Scotts Vapour Co


All of our eliquids are tested to ensure it is free from diacetyl, acetoin and acetyl Propionyl – which could potentially cause health risks to some. The laboratory team are experts in their own fields & are driven by passion and flair for mixology. We pride ourselves on quality & not quantity, where some lines may have over 100 flavors, we pride ourselves on only releasing the best liquids onto the market. Every liquid that's developed has had countless weeks of feedback and tweaking to ensure we're putting out the best eliquid we can possibly manufacturer.


All of the ingredients that go into Vape Scotts e-liquids are Certified! We exclusively use premium, natural extracts rather than artificial flavorings, and ensure our e-juice is absolutely free of synthetic chemicals and pesticides, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), and other harmful additives. We know exactly what each flavor contains down to the trace elements. If you're looking for more information on this topic, please feel free to give us a call or use our contact form.


All of our flavors are certified, official and are of a pharmaceutical grade. We only source from reputable companies with a proven track record. All our ingredients and accessories are from within the UK and or the USA. We even source our bottles from the USA as there can be harmful ingredients in some of the cheaper bottles from larger export countries like China, after all, Vaping is about creating a healthier future.


Scotts is manufactured in the United Kingdom, We were one of the first companies to develop layered flavors and to catch up with competition from USA mixing methods. We develop, manufacture and dispatch from the East Midlands. We also don't use flavor houses or distribution services so we have full control over quality and where our e liquids end up. You won't find our liquids in your local bargain booze & that's a promise!


Scotts prides itself on expansion & a thriving community, we offer free delivery on orders over £10.00, we also can accommodate orders ranging from 50 units to 5000 units. Our manufacturing laboratory is equipped well to deal with any order big or small, along with new recipe flavor profiles. We are quite flexible with what we can offer, to find out more please get in touch at our wholesale website


Not only are our liquids seen as a premium product, but we also compete very well when it comes to pricing. Our focus has always been to develop some of the tastiest flavors available on today market, our online reviews, social media & awards are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Scotts, don't just take our word for it, try it today!


We are currently available in numerous locations around the United Kingdom, Russia & USA, we work with some of the strongest stores in the United Kingdom and welcome new stores with open arms. We even had a few A-list celebrities vaping our products! At Scott's we help your store or online business flourish with our stunning branding, from posters to clothing, we have your back! Over time our network has grown into an army of customers who rave about our products, just search Vape Scotts in Google! We're always recruiting, so step up!


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