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Scotts Vapour Co.


The home to the No1 Custard e-liquid, the infamous Cherry Tunes and our latest collection, Twisted Twelve. Established in 2015 and driven by a necessity to see others live and live well, Scotts Vapour Co has grown to be one of the UK's most unique vaping brands, specializing in award-winning eliquids.

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If you're looking to stock our eliquids via your store or online eCommerce site, you'll first need to apply for a wholesale account. don't worry setting one up is simple and takes less than five minutes. Once submitted, our team will verify your information and enable your account.
Twisted Twelve Photo
Twisted Twelve Photo
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Custard Cream Box Photo

Scotts Vapour Co.
No1 UK eliquid brand.

Scotts has grown to be one of the UK's most notable brands. Set out to create a brand that would provide creative, delicious flavors, a unique approach to customer service and a price point that enables everyone to experience premium eliquids.

Proven Algorithm.
We create hype.

We set out to formulate something truly exclusive and we weren't going to settle for anything other than perfection. Our flavours are the result of thousands of hours of tweaking and trying hundreds of ingredients from across the globe.
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Tongue Twisters Photo
Award-winning eliquid lines.
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5 Years of ejuice mixology.
10,000+ Online Orders.