Apple and Pear (1x50ml)

Apple • Pear • Sharp

Apple and Pear - Premium E LiquidLooking for that fruit fix? A slightly tangy tasting blend of red a..

Blue Slush (1x50ml)

Bubblegum • Raspberry • Blueberry

Blue Slush - Premium E LiquidThe Blue Slush has become the notorious vape icon, you can’t go wrong w..

Vanilla Custard (1x50ml)

Vanilla • Custard • Creamy

Vanilla Custard - Premium E LiquidFrom the creators of the award winning Custard Cream, we bring you..

Purple Rain (1x50ml)

Blackcurrant • Menthol

Purple Rain - Premium E LiquidA great blackcurrant liquid. A hint of menthol on the inhale with a lo..

Lemon Curd (1x50ml)

Lemon • Ginger • Pudding

Lemon Curd - Premium E LiquidLemon curd is a tangy, sweet, velvety cream that is almost like a citru..

Cereal Killer (1x50ml)

Fruit Loops • Lemon • Cereal

Cereal Killer - Premium E LiquidCereally excellent flavors; Cereal Killer features sugared granola t..

Strawberry Jam (1x100ml)

Strawberry • Jam • Sweet

Strawberry Jam - E LiquidThis sticky sweet taste of Strawberry jam preserve has been distilled ..

Kiwi Twist (1x100ml)

Kiwi • Menthol • Ice

Kiwi Twist - Menthol E LiquidCool Down with a mentholated version of your fruit favorite kiwi, a sub..

Custard Cream (1x50ml)

Custard • Biscuit • Cream

Custard Cream - Premium E LiquidWhether you love them or hate them, this liquid is recognized as..

Cherry Tune (1x50ml)

Cherry • Menthol • Sweet

Cherry Tune - Premium E LiquidJuicy cherry's and undertones of sweet eucalyptus, this supreme flavor..